Accessing Owncloud iOS app features from Third Party app



Hello. From an iOS app I develop, I intend to allow user to upload files to an owncloud server. When Owncloud iOS app is installed on the device, Owncloud appears as a storing manager with the iOS Document Picker View.
• Importing a document from Owncloud server using this document picker works instantly with no user action when he has selected the document. This is appropriate!
• in the same third party app, uploading a document to Owncloud server is not made after the user select the folder and confirms the upload. The document is uploaded only the next time that the user runs iOS Owncloud app. If he forgets, no upload!

Couldn't this upload be automatic, as it works with Dropbox iOS application uploading service proposed to third party apps?


This is somehow the default behaviour, I found it also a bit surprising and asked to put at least a notification for the user that he needs to start the ownCloud app: