Activities tab doesn't appear

Hi everyone!!

I’m having an issue with my owncloud instalation.
User1 shared a folder with User2 and User3, then a new folder was created inside the first one.
So User1 wants to know who created the folder if User2 or User3, could you help me whit this please?

I read that in the activities tab is possible to watch this info but the activities tab is not showing.
Thanks in advance!

Hi AleFierro,

the tab you are referring to is shown when you click the three-dots-icon next to the file size of a file and then choose the option “Details”. There should also be a button in the applications menu.

If still not shown, most probably the activity app is not enabled or not installed. in this case enter admin settings and enable this app or install it from the marketplace app or install it manually from


Thank you! I figured out after the post, now it’s working!


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