Add link public owncloud

Hello everyone. I use owncloud with success. now my question is: you can add a public owncloud link to mine to have downloads without user and password.
in my place that I enter and download the news that makes them owncloud.
thank you.


There is no question in your post. So everything is alright I guess?

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no. i wanted to know how you can put a public link of owncloud as client / download on my personal.

I still don’t understand you, please use a translator like
Or try your native language directly perhaps there is another user here that speaks your language.

I am absolutely not sure, what you want to find out. If it is about public links, the documentation is helpful:

If this is not what you want to know, I strongly encourage you to follow @eneubauer’s advice.

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no. i don’t have to create public link. i received a public link from another ownCloud and would like to join mine but only in download. without password.

If I got you correctly, this isn’t supported by ownCloud. There is a feature which supports something like this, federated sharing. You find details in the documentation:

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yes but the problem is that I would like access to this link which is not mine and I can’t even ask myself to be put :slight_smile: … that’s all.

This is not possible. You cannot hijack other ownCloud installations.