Adding Contacts App Qnap

Hello all...first time post and hopefully I can contribute more as time goes on.

I have installed version 8.0.4 onto my Qnap.
I downloaded the current contacts app, extracted, and put the director "contacts" in the "apps" directory in the owncloud directory.
I set the permissions in the qnap GUI to RW with httpduser as the owner (mimicked the other apps in the folder that were default)
Restarted ownload, and when I log in, I cannot see the contacts app in either enabled, disabled, or the menu bar on the left of the apps page.
I'm guessing it's a permissions thing, but I'm not sure how to set the complete permissions as per the wiki becuase the SSH commands are not present.

Any help would be appreciated!

Why using such an outdated version for a new install?

However, my guess is that the current contacts app will not work with such an old version of ownCloud.

The reason for such an old version is that what was available from the qnap repository. However, I have found a version 10 on the qnapclub site that I now have installed, but am having trouble getting it to even launch. I am not familiar with the backend setup, and I suppose there are further deeper configurations that must be made.