After password change, cannot connect with FQDN

Whenever I change a password on ownCloud, for 12 hours or so I am unable to connect to my locally hosted ownCloud server using https:// mysever Going to the IP address is fine. The FQDN is being resolved fine. Connections from the internet are fine. But https:// mysever. dyndns. com from my LAN just times out.

Has anyone seen anything similar before?
Thanks for your suggestions.

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This sounds like a local network issue and not an ownCloud problem. Your best course of action will be standard network troubleshooting, such as testing your local DNS results, hairpin NAT settings if you are not using split-horizon DNS, etc.

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Thanks for your reply. I suspect you’re correct and hairpinning is to blame somewhere along the way. I’m baffled though as to why this will work fine for months but the moment I reset a password, I lose TLS FQDN access from the LAN (albeit for a few hours). It seems rather odd.

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