After update windows client 2.3.2 (build 6928) stopped syncing

I’m not sure, but after latest update of windows client to version 2.3.2 (build 6928) the syncing stopped.

At the System Tray when I hover over OC icon it says “Syncing of the accout is disabled”.

If I do right click on the OC icon nothing new appears.

When I open the OC client the middle area is “empty”. There is button “Add connection to sync folder”.


Server is 9.1.2 (stable)

What can I do? Where can look?

Hello,The sync folder disappear with the upgrade . You should reconfigure this.

That's not intended for sure!

@bostjan Which version did you use before?

How many sync folders did you have configured?

How did you update (download or auto updater?)

Did you run the installer as other user or so?

@glannes31 Did your sync folder disappear too? Do you also use Windows?

@bostjan @glannes31 ^^

Hello , excuse me for my no-answer . I have no problem with the sync client .