Announcing the ownCloud Conference 2017!

Hi all,

as every year, this year's ownCloud Conference will be absolutely awesome! It will take place in Nuremberg, from 20.-23. September, and will be free for everyone to participate. Come all and help us making this a big event, getting to know each other, and learning more about the different facets of ownCloud.

This years motto is "Hack! Create! Collaborate!", and we're looking forward to make it happen. Check out the conference website at and register!

You could also consider giving a talk, as every year we're looking for speakers again :wink: A lot happened since the last conference, and ownCloud got many new features and aspects. Share your thoughts about this and tell others your use cases, little projects, and ideas for the future!

This is the biggest ownCloud community event of 2017, make sure to be there :wink:

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