Anyone willing to help with setup?

Hey Guys,

I’ve managed to install own cloud on my current web hosting provider, just wondering if someone could help me configure it so I’m all secure and have it running smoothly.

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Well, congratulations that you have it setup :slight_smile:

You will notice the warnings on the admin settings page.

If you follow those warnings, and configure your ownCloud as it’s recommended in the official documentation, you are good to go :slight_smile:

Thanks for the speedy reply, I’m amazed I got this far… just using a iPad.

Really could do with some inside help, you would have a friend for life :wink:

I can grant admin access and ftp access to the own cloud directory :raised_hands:

Anyone help with these errors?

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in your posted screenshot i can identify various links mentioning “documentation”. Have you tried to click on these links to get the information on how to configure your system to solve these messages?

Yeah I tried to understand them but it goes way over my head. I’m running OwnCloud on my web hosting provider so I only have access via ftp or cPanel. With no access to terminal/shell it makes it difficult to run any commands :frowning:

Would be very greatful if someone could spend a little time looking over this for me :frowning:

Kind regards



i don’t think that the forum will work like this. :confused:

Normally you would get familiar with basics of the operating system you’re running the software, the software itself and then reading the documentation (the links i had pointed out above) of the software.

Afterwards you could ask specific questions if you’re struggling with some of the steps within the documentation at a forum like this.

Using the search function of the forums could be an alternative, for most of the messages in your screenshot i can find already quite a lot existing threads.

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It could work like this, always dare to ask! But asking for help on a particular problem is the usual case.

Setup, running and maintaining an instance of ownCloud is IMHO a do-it-yourself project. This means, that you are the administrator, you are the one and only responsible person for your installation. It’s up to you to know or to learn, why and how things are working.

If this is beyond your possibilities, you should consider a hosting partner. BTW, I spent my first few years with a hosted ownCloud.


Ok I’ve cracked it thanks, I gave it ago and managed to fix it. I just have one issue, when I try to upload via loging in via a web browser it isn’t saving the file although it looks like it has uploaded. Is there a folder I need to check it’s permission. I have tried on different browsers also but both suffer this issue.

Appreciate your wisdom on this one.

Kind regards


So if you upload it via sync client it works?

Yeah app and sync client work fine, it’s got me baffled :open_mouth:

I would

  • try different browsers

  • look at the manual and check if I had missed a php module or an apache config

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