Apache2 IP change

Hi, I have currently have been setting up my owncloud server and everything has been going smoothly. I have this set up on an ubuntu virtual server on hyper-v.

Suddenly today my virtual machine errored out, upon turning it back on my IP had changed and now apache2 is still configured to the old IP meaning i can’t access my owncloud.

Do I try and find a way to change my IP back to previous, or find a way to update apache to the new IP?

Sorry this is a stupid question, I’m new to this!!

First, if you create a server post, there is an issue template that needs to be filled out so users of this forum can help you effectively. Please do that!

Now I have to ask questions that would have been covered by the template:

Are you running an appliance (meaning you downloaded a virtual machine image)? If yes, please let us know where you got it from. Otherwise (meaning you downloaded a Linux distribution image and installed a LAMP on it manually) you should be just able to change the virtual host IP address in your apache configuration.

Just go into the configuration of your DHCP server and reserve the old IP address with the MAC address of the VM. Depending on your networking setup your DHCP server might be part of your router/access point device, windows server or something else.

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