App Passwords Disappearing

Back in July I enabled two-factor authentication, and set up an app password for use on my devices. Sometime in late November, with no warning, this app password disappeared and a I had to regenerate another one. And now it’s happened again. The time between occurrences isn’t consistent, and there’s nothing in the logs to indicate why this is happening.

Any ideas why? Is there an expiry somewhere, or some other setting to disable app passwords after a certain period of time?

I’m using LDAP for the primary authentication, if it makes any difference.


This has happened to me on occasion, also seemingly randomly. I too use LDAP as the primary authentication mechanism, save for a local admin account.

Unfortunately, I have no answer, and while some occurrences have been quite problematic (e.g. when my primary calendar sync app password has disappeared), it hasn’t happened often enough to devote resources to, beyond creating a new password and updating the app. (The calendar sync password has vanished on more than one occasion now, but with an indeterminate, but substantial gap in between.)

I suppose at least it’s not just me. The annoying thing is that I use OC to sync a keepass database, where I store the app password. So I have to type it in manually to be able to download the database to get the password that’s stored there :expressionless:

And it’s just happened again. The only correlation I can see, and it’s reaching somewhat here, is that it seems to happen after the iOS app randomly complains about hostname issues :frowning:

There must be some form of logs somewhere which show why it’s deciding to remove the passwords?

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