Appliance with OC 10.3

Hi, i installed the latest Appliance Installation with OwnCloud 10.2.1. Is there a plan to get an updated 10.3 version for that environment ?
Regards Holger

Hi, Yes. There is a plan. The release should be soon.


Hi Dmitry,

i just follow this guideline:

and it works for me.


HOW?! Did you exec into the container, and run the update inside the container?
This seems totally inconceivable to me and I would strongly advise anybody running the appliance against doing this.
Just wait until the new appliance version is released.

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I agree with @eneubauer completely.

Here the 2 different sections:

You followed the manual upgrade of the ownCloud server.

The appliance has it’s own upgrade section. This is no coincidence nor is this purely cosmetic. The appliance works differently than a normal ownCloud server.

Be aware, that any changes done to the appliance that are not documented by ownCloud are done on your own risk.


ok. i understood. Now i go back to the Snapshot taken before the update and wait for the appliance ones.

Thank you very much !

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