Auto upgrade from 8.0.2

Hi all,

i am running an old owncloud installation version 8.0.2 on HostEurope Webpack without console access. I now want to update owncloud to the newest version. Auto updater tells me my version is “up-to-date”.

What options do i have to update my installation without console access?


Maybe you can apply some of the manual steps provided in the ownCloud documentation here to your system even if it doesn’t have console access (e.g. delete the old files, extract the new files on your local system and upload it via FTP instead of doing it on the command line):

I think the main problem is that if there is something going wrong during the upgrade console access is mandatory to fix the issue. That is probably the main reason why i had often read in the past that console access is highly recommended when running ownCloud.

If you have a test instance, can test the upgrade and then upgrade on the production instance - you can do it.

ownCloud without ssh access is not recommended.