Auto upload pictures not working from sdcard


Same problem on wife’s phone. How far off is the new release? (approximately)

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@Stefan_Sonesson the 2.18.1 release will be available today, or tomorrow the latest

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Great! Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

2.18.1 is out and available in Google Play. Enjoy it!! (and give us your feedback as well :wink: )

@jesmrec after updating to 2.18.1 I get problems with Camera Upload folder. Reading the logs there is an error at .getListOfFilesFragment()(24794): Access to unexisting list of files fragment

I tried to create a new folder for uploading files, if it is something with older folders and cache(or whatever), but it is the same error.

I tried to export the logfile, but the app cant attach it to any of the sharable apps I tried, they open up but dont receive the logfile.

Let me know if I can assist with further trouble shooting.

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/Stefan Sonesson

@Stefan_Sonesson device and version?