Automatic notifications

Hello in 10.0.7 I do not see the panel configuration for automatic notifications. I only see the possibility for a user who upload a file to trigger manually notifications, as it was possible at least with version 8.2.2. And It seems also not possible to trigger notifications when adding a calendar event.

Is this feature disappeared?

Notifications are triggered by the apps, so it’s the app responsability to trigger notifications whenever it considers appropiate. Core will act as a hub, so it doesn’t need any configuration.

For your case, it’s the calendar app the one to decide if it triggers a notification or not in that scenario. You might want another app to listen for that event (if the app triggers such event) and send the notification with this app.

Thanks for your detailed answer.
What about files notifications? The file feature is in the core I suppose.

As far as I know, files only triggers events not notifications. The concepts are different.