Autostart does not work on Linux (Mint)

Good morning
I have been using owncloud for about two months now. I was very difficult to get started, but now it seems to running.

On two Windows 10 machine I installed the desktop client, which automatically starts at power up as specified in settings.
On a Linux (Mint Debian Edition 5) machine however, the desktop client is an “AppImage” and although it is too set to “autostart”, it never does that. If I want to use it, I have to start it manually each time I power up the PC. The same problem has been reported by others on the net AND in connection with nextcloud.

So, the simple question is: IS there a way to get autostart to work on a Linux machine?

Thank you.

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Hi; This is a feature that Appimage comes with. It is not really installed software, after running the package is mounted under /tmp and executed.

The now created autostart also points to it, but this is removed after the app is closed.

You can write your own starter: Follow this guide:

Alternatively for more shell activity have a look at ~/.config/autostart:
ls -l ~/.config/autostart

there should be at least one file ownCloud.desktop; make a copy
cp ownCloud.desktop ownCloud-app.desktop

edit the copy for example with nano
nano ownCloud-app.desktop

the exec line is what you have to adapt

from something like : Exec=/tmp/.mount_ownCloD0qjWh/usr/bin/owncloud >> to the real path of the appimage; this is my location:

Should looks like this at the end:

That should do it.

Good afternoon from Japan
I went with the “autostart” option and it seems to work!
I am very happy I did not have to go through one of those zillion commands options.

Thank you!
This takes a load off me.