Beginner Question on where to type commands

Hi There, i proudly managed to install an owncloud on my server. Now I wanted to backup and also migrate the database from sqlite to mysql. Just question popped up, which is probably supereasy to answer: where do i type these commands like php occ db:convert-type [options] type username hostname database which are mentioned in the tutorial???

Sorry to annoy you with such beginner-stuff...


this needs to be run on a terminal on which you connect via e.g. SSH.

Additional info about that occ command is also available here:

Thanks for the superfast answer. I am a mac user - so do you mean the Terminal on my mac? Then how do I connect it to the owncloud data? Or is it a command through my FTP Programm or whatever?


you need to connect to your server via SSH to be able to execute this commands. They can't be executed on your own system (Mac) nor via FTP.

So I would need to use something like the Putty SSH Client : ? Or is there another way to use SSH through the Control Panel of my Server?

That is something you should ask the support of your hoster as no one in here can know if your control panel is supporting this.

My provider told me, that i actually dont have an ssl-connection for my server booked. Does that mean i cannot really work with owncloud, make backups or change the database?

Then you can't use the mentioned occ commands at all and you're restricted to the methods your hoster is providing. This doesn't mean you can't use ownCloud but you're just have restricted possibilities like now seen.