Block filestype like .exe with File Firewall

Steps to reproduce

  1. Installing Owncloud & File Firewall
  2. Created a Group in the File Firewall with these rules:
    • user group is user
    • file mimetype is video/mp4

Expected behaviour

If a user uploads a mp4 he should get an error

Actual behaviour

My second rulegroup (block every file that is greater than 100mb) is working. But i can still upload mp4 files.

Server configuration

Operating system:
CentOS 7.6
Web server:
MariaDB 10
PHP version:
PHP 7.2
ownCloud version: (see ownCloud admin page)
Are you using encryption: yes/no

The logic of the file firewall app allows only one rule per group.

Can you separate those 2 rules in to 2 groups?

Also what is your exact rule for video/mp4?