Block Sync of select folders from Web console or App

Is there a way to tell a client app to sync a folder with the cloud but do not sync with other machines.
I have 5 Devices,
1 Cell Phone Android,
2 PCs at my office
3 PCs at home.
I want on 2 of the home PCs ALL folders
I want on the 2 office PCs all the work folders but no home
and on 1 home PC all the home but no work.

I know that when I setup a client app I can selectively choose what folders to sync. But this poses a problem in the future.

I want to upload my entire photo collection to the web. 58 G But 2 of the computers at work would fill their hard drives and are not meant to be at work anyway.

In the client you can configure selective sync. I recommend to install and configure it, it is part of the setup wizard.

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In my post I stated I was aware that it is in the app. But then went on to describe why that will not work.

Oh sorry, reading is the absolutely the hardest thing on the internet… :smiley:

Hmm, I think what you need to do is separate out the work computers onto a different ownCloud account. So you’ll have two different one for work and one for private.
Then you can share files and folders between the two accounts that need you need respectively.

Also I had a quick look in the ownCloud client settings, there is also a checkbox to ask for confirmation before syncing folders above a certain threshold.

Hope I gave you some ideas :wink:

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