Block synced data from local machine if lost or stolen

Hi - I’ve searched through posts but haven’t found an answer either here or in FAQs, forgive me if that is not the case or perhaps I didn’t phrase the question correctly.

We are currently hosting owncloud server, I’m wondering if it’s possible to setup the sync so that in case a computer is lost or stolen, the data in the owncloud folder could be either rendered inactive or deleted?

If we set the admin settings to encrypt, can we set up the owncloud to force login each time? or change the password in the event that a computer is lost or stolen through the web panel?



Hi Pablo,
Computers that aren’t physically locked down, i.e. laptops and smartphones should be encrypted, thereby (theoretically,… you know law enforcement/NSA trading backdoors to encryption systems with black hats) allowing nobody to access the data.

Regarding the lockout from ownCloud of the lost/stolen devices: if you go to the security on your personal settings page you can delete other active browser and client sessions as well as app tokens that were generated at some point.

Personally, I would recommend anybody who has lost their device, no matter if stolen or not, to reset all their passwords as you don’t know which app saved some access credentials somewhere in clear text. Especially if the device wasn’t encrypted in the first place.
Let me know should you have any further questions.

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Thanks for your help!