Block updates? Install Old Version?

Is there a way to install an older version and block updates? I hate the new share UI.

Hey @Bun-Bun thanks for your feedback!

You can prevent automatic updates on your OS by following the instructions on our docs: - links for version 2.3.4 of the client are:

Which are the parts you don't like on the new share UI compared to the old one if I may ask? If you have suggestions we're more than happy to hear! Any UX input from users is quite useful for us.

Thank you for the links.

My issue is there are too many clicks and mouse moves to get a public link to share a file. With dropbox the get link button is directly accessible from the right click menu of a file/folder. With owncloud 2.3.4 the link is behind an additional popup, which I accepted because it gave me the option to expire the link and it was a quick button to get the link. With owncloud 2.4 I have to open up a new box, then move and click on a different tab, then open a drop down, then select the correct option for the link, as there are now four options, I want plus a couple more clicks if I want to expire it.

From a single user owncloud installation the new share UI is excessive. Having a direct copy link in the right click menu like dropbox has would be ideal. Not sure if there is a way to expire old links in another way, I don't like having a bunch of stale links floating around.

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