Bookmarks App for OC 10? [solved]

Hey there!

I just upgraded to OC 10 and had to realise that there is no support for the Bookmarks App.
Does anyone know if the Bookmarks App is still in development and if there will be a new release compatible with OC 10?

Otherwise does anyone know of any alternatives for managing bookmarks on server side?

Best regards!

...lots of things! It's really frustrating. After upgrading to OC10, I gave up and switched to Nextcloud. That's where the core devs went a year or so ago, which is why OC is noticeably lagging behind in features and apps.

However, you can always try the Nextcloud Bookmarks app. My understanding is that, generally, OC10 is compatible with NC12.

According to the migration path:

ownCloud 9.0.x is compatible with Nextcloud 9.0.x
ownCloud 9.1.x is compatible with Nextcloud 10.0.x
ownCloud 10.0.x is compatible with Nextcloud 12.0.x

That should help you choose the appropriately compatible app. Good luck!

It looks to me like its just a matter of waiting for to be merged.

Overall i think its just also a matter of having some patience until the app developers are publishing their apps at the new marketplace of owncloud 10. After the nextcloud fork the nextcloud appstore probably also hasn't provided all apps instantly.

If you're missing any apps in owncloud 10 its probably the best to directly ask the app developer of that specific app to publish the app at that new marketplace.

Yeah, I tried it with the Nextcloud version of the app. Though I had to overwrite these requirements...

                <owncloud min-version="9.0" max-version="9.2" />
                <nextcloud min-version="9" max-version="13" />

After changing these values it was possible to enable the App. But loading the App just gives me a blank page.

So I guess best will be, as suggested to contact the App developer and wait for his release for OC 10.

Many thanks though!

I know this is an obnoxious attitude, and I feel selfish saying it, but I'm done waiting.

Every OC version upgrade in the last couple of years broke something, forcing me to either not upgrade, downgrade, or go without basic functionality until some fundamental app (e.g. contacts or calendar) was updated to work with the current OC version. It's frustrating as hell.

I've been using ownCloud for years. I first played with OC version 3, and then properly migrated and replaced SpiderOak with OC version 5. There have been noticeable issues creeping into OC for a while, it's completely understandable why an ownCloud co-founder and the core dev team up and left. In a single year, the Nextcloud server has massively leapfrogged ownCloud in functionality, and the associated NC apps are also multiple versions ahead of the equivalent OC apps. On top of that, the number of apps available for NC are significantly higher than on OC.

I'm done waiting. OC is stagnating. They're closing offices, losing devs, and if I need to stop upgrading ownCloud in order to keep apps working, then I'm stagnating even further. Upgrading to Nextcloud was wonderful. Not only does the server itself have significantly greater functionality, but it has a plethora of apps that you think OC users need to keep waiting for.

The authors have updated those apps, and they updated them for the server that's still being actively developed. Waiting for someone to port the Nextcloud Bookmarks app to ownCloud is folly. I've waited long enough.

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Bummer. Sorry to hear that. I knew that over time, compatibility between NC and OC would diminish, but I didn't realise it would be so obvious now.

Good luck with the dev! I hope you aren't waiting too much longer!

(But seriously, it's a bit like OpenOffice and LibreOffice - one is barely maintained, the other is actively developed. Sometimes the fork is the way to go!)

Nextcloud is what I can see from the website not FOSS. Right?
So that makes it no option for me.

Sad that you have such experiences with ownCloud. :confused:

Personally i can't share anything from that, never had any upgrading issues so far and ownCloud is more or less "feature" complete for me and is shipping all apps i require natively. I don't need tons of features and apps i'm not using at all, sometimes "less is more" :slight_smile:.

I also see no stagnation in ownCloud itself. I i check the github repository i can see lots of activity, also from new developers. They have improved various core functionality and even have implemented a new marketplace without any need (they could have kept the old app store and just say "we don't care"). :slight_smile:

But i guess this is more or less a subjective topic where people have a wide range of opinions. :slight_smile:


They are not dramatic but it would need someone from the OC community to manage a fork. Many of the developers doing these small apps moved away (and partly work directly for Nextcloud) and they are not very interested in keeping it updated for both versions. For some independent apps, this is still done (e.g. audioplayer).
So for the folks, who can't wait, either get your hands dirty and help backporting to ownCloud or move to Nextcloud.

No, it actually is FOSS as well. In contrast to ownCloud, it has only an AGPL-3.0 license and no double licensing. Advantage in ownCloud, if you have the enterprise version, you are allowed to use your own closed source modifications (and access to enterprise apps). Nextcloud enterprise version only gives you support, all their apps are FOSS.

Adding to the apps topic:

From my experience it always took a few months until every app was updated for the next major release.

You always had to wait that time if you had any 3rdparty apps installed, thats also the reason why there is somewhere in the documentation stated (IIRC) that you should check the compatibility of your app before doing an upgrade to the next major release. Keep in mind: Most not shipped apps are developed by users and i think they are more or less doing all the work in their free time.

If i'm checking there are also far more apps still under development or are updated for owncloud as the referenced post is reflecting.

The bookmarks app might be a special case here, but if that app is so important everyone can still help and contribute to make it to work. This would be my preferred way if i'm waiting for a specific app.

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Just to let you know, we will turn off the old app store ( any time soon. Please check for apps and owncloud extensions.

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I forked and patched the bookmarks app for oc 10, you can find it here:

look out for the notes in Readme to install and activate the app.


Great! Thanks for your effort!

I applied the changes manually already and installed the App successfully.

I had no issues in the upgrade process though. As you said, the integrity check fails on the bookmark app, but that's all.

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Sorry for the big delay in replying.

No, it's completely FOSS, distributed under the AGPL licence, just like ownCloud.

I'd argue that NC actually more open than OC, since OC keeps certain apps behind a paywall and offers extras to the enterprise only. NC doesn't do that.

I'm running NC on FreeBSD, built from source. NC is entirely open and being developed way more actively than OC. When I switched to NC, suddenly I had usable themeing and more accurate feedback on configuration tweaks. There's also a LOT more apps. Even the apps that are common to both are more advanced on NC.

Seriously, compare the app versions between the two - Contacts is version 1.5.1 on ownCloud and 1.5.3 on Nextcloud, and Calendar is 1.4.2 on ownCloud and 1.5.3 on Nextcloud! These are FOSS apps, but the devs have abandoned OC for NC so the OC apps simply stagnate.

I get that, I really do. But there are few core apps that I really need to work (Contacts and Calendar are used to sync to my phone and to Thunderbird on the desktop) and they're simply not being maintained properly on OC.

I don't run a lot of apps (I only need Contacts, Calendar, and Mozilla Sync), and they're working on both OC and NC, but as I replied above, Contacts and Calendar are not being maintained properly. I can get better support for both the core system and the core apps on NC.

I love ownCloud, it's been good to me for years, but it's self-destructing. They've already lost a founding member and the core dev team, and a year later it's really showing. I will be very surprised if it's still here in 5 years. Just like Libreoffice moved on after Openoffice stagnated, Nextcloud has moved on while ownCloud rots on the vine.

But when the apps weren't 3rd party (e.g. Contacts and Calendar), and I still had to wait, it was REALLY frustrating!

I can't code to save my life. I can test, and I do, but this "fix yourself" attitude really doesn't help, especially when the apps are still being maintained on Nextcloud.

What happens to apps that still work that aren't on the Marketplace? For example, I'm using the Mozilla Sync app (works great for Pale Moon) and it works fine on both ownCloud and Nextcloud. Shouldn't it be left there for historical/archive reasons, but with a banner pointing to the marketplace in the header?

I'm somehow completely missing the objectivity in the last two posts so i won't continue with the discussion here. At least some one from the community stepped up and released a compatible bookmarks app so the case here can be closed anyway. :slight_smile:


I just release a new version of the bookmarks app with all the recent nextcloud/bookmarks changes, including the new REST API, which is nice to have for some WordPress Plugins.

Cheers! :slight_smile: