Bulk close Sessions : how to?

I have a huge number of sessions open.

More than 50 “pages” of this. Is there a way to force these closed ? Or do I have to manually click each of them ? Since it’s taking a while per click, it’s going to be very tedious.
I’m the admin, so I am able to use the occ command. But how to do that ?


maybe you could use the issue template which i’m getting presented when creating a new thread in this “Server” category?

I think others are probably better able to help you if you provide more information about your environment (e.g. operating system, database, database version, specific database configuration). Those are all questions asked in that template which i think are asked for a good reason.

At the moment nearly everything is missing, even the ownCloud version you are using (e.g. an outdated ownCloud version could cause this problem). :frowning_face:

I’m sorry I did not provide enough information.
Fortunately, the issue is resolved.
I didn’t notice that the cron-jobs didn’t run anymore since my upgrade from OC9.
I managed to get them started, and all those “open sessions” vanished.
The previous version used cron.php, now you have to use “occ system:cron”.

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if i’m understanding it correctly it seems this change was introduced in ownCloud 10.3.0 and was documented / mentioned here: