Calendar, Contacts gone after update to Owncloud 10

Hi guys,

I had inadvertedly changed the update behaviour of my webmin to update any packages and it updated to owncloud 10. It took me hours to actually realise that it was owncloud 10 which had been updated while fighting to upgrade the PHP5.5 in my Ubuntu 14.04 Server to PHP5.6. I did finally upgrade today and file sharing works, but although in the manual says that calendar and contacts are disabled by default... they're actually completely unavailable for owncloud 10.

I have automatic backups activated since owncloud 9 and have a backup from yesterday while owncloud still was owncloud 9, but I don't know if I can downgrade to owncloud 9. These are the backups that can be done from inside the browser access of owncloud.
I definitely didn't backup my DB before upgrading to owncloud 10. According to the e-mail in which my server notified me of the package upgrade, I was running owncloud 9.1.5-1.1 before upgrading the packages to owncloud 10.0.0-1.1.

Can someone help? or I'm better off waiting for the apps to be released for owncloud 10?

Thanks in advance!

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There are some known issues partly with workaround:

Major upgrades with autoupdater and without backup, no risk no fun !

So I managed to install the calendar and contacts from the marketplace... but it's not synchronizing on my phone :frowning:

Most likely the same as in:

I finally got it all working after a while. In the phone the url didn't work and I had to put the full path or something similar I saw in another post... that's a bit annoying since before it used to work easier. It feels somehow like a step back in terms of usability and accessibility.

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I talked too fast... it's not working on Mac OS 10.12. Either the contacts nor the calendar... really annoying :frowning: