Calendar Import - ics file is opened in view mode



Hi community,

in version 8.2.x existed a "wizard" for importing an .ics file in the Files App.
If you clicked on an .ics file the wizard asked in which calendar you wanted to import the appointments.

After the migration to version 9.1.4 a single click on an .ics file opens the view mode!
What's the point of that?

I know, there is an new Import button in the Calendar App. But with this function you can only import .ics files from the local disk (and not from ownCloud directly).
Do the calendar developers really think it is a good workflow to download an .ics file from ownCloud to the local disk and then reimport it with the calendar app?
That must be a joke! Or is there a setting that I've overlooked?

Is it possible to restore the old function or is it an issue?

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This is currently not possible in the rewritten calendar app:


Hi kljhlkhglklfgh,

thank you for your quick answer!

It surprises me that @jancborchardt comments this useful function as "fun addition".
It seems he doesn't work frequently with the calendar.


And furthermore, in the current import function it is not possible to delete all existing appointments in a calendar.
So, if you'll import an updated .ics file all appointments are created as duplicates - unbelievable! :rage:

Not even beta status!


You currently can't tag this guy in here as he moved to nextCloud and is not active here.


Thanks for pointing out the issue with the duplicates. I wasn't aware of this before. It seems to be just another "improvement"...


IIRC there is also a bugreport about that at the calendar app.