Calendars OwnCloud

Hi everyone, I need help ! I installed owncloud on my synology for using calendars. I have to create 3 calendars for cars and 3 for drivers. (It’s the topic of my individual project in university) when user will need rent the car , he(or she) will choose car , and then will be carried out by checking “is this car free in this time , and checks drivers “is the first driver free?” No, than second , third..for drivers must be carried out the condition for work no more than 13 hours in the day, and 40 in the week - but this is second question. Somebody can help me with first ? How to organizate this task with owncloud extension?

I am not sure that is possible with owncloud calendar only. Have you tried using it with Thunderbird?

Yes , I can use thunderbird for rent car with Caldav protocol

I don't think it's doable with the owncloud calendar.

I think what you are looking for can be done with outlook.

Do you mean Microsoft Outlook?

Yes. There you can create resources and reserve them for a time