Can cryptoviruses jump between two synced accounts?



Hey all,

I have one question (against the backdrop of recently having to deal with a crypto-virus on a range of our pcs). Scenario: one person has two different accounts synced through the multi-account feature of the desktop sync client. Can such a crypto-virus jump – through the loophole of that person being connected to two servers – from one server to the next?

Thanks for your thoughts in advance!


If you execute a cryptovirus it normally encrypts all documents it can find. So if you are connected to different accounts at the same time, it is likely to encrypt the files of both accounts.

Different scenario: You are connected to account A and B. Account A shares some files with other users, one of these users has a cryptovirus and encrypts everything that was shared with him. Is account B safe?
If the virus runs only on the computer that has access to account A, it doesn't spread to account B. Except you execute a binary that was place on account A and you run the virus yourself. But this could be some nasty thing such as autoplay, autorun, makro, ....

Only working protection: Offline Backup.


Thank you tflidd! Much as I assumed… Offline backup in the works.