Can I download the latest release for Win AS ZIP, NOT MSI?



Hello there,

I am using owncloud client portable for Windows.


But this is being updated very seldom.

I would like to get the latest files (from the current release) and just place into my portable apps folder to verwrite my version.

Now my question: Is there any official repository, FTP-server URL etc. to get the Win Build with all the uncompressed files, but not as MSI, because obviously I don't want to run the full MSI installer.

Best Regards


Hey, @ProfP30! Thanks for your question.

We actually serve all our stable installers on - you can easily scrap that directory listing to get the .exe installers. I have this really crappy script that runs as a cronjob and downloads the latest daily builds for Windows and macOS on a disk location:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# Dummy cronjob to download the latest daily releases of the oC client 
# from via wget. Both for 
# Windows and OS X systems.
# Samuel Alfageme <>



if [[ ${EXTENSION} = '.pkg' || ${EXTENSION} = '.exe' ]]; then
    # Scrap the URL to get the name of the latest build - .exe for now
    BIN_NAME=$(wget --execute="robots = off" -q -O - ${BASE_URL} | grep -o -E "ownCloud[^<>]*?${EXTENSION}" | tail -1)

    # Download and save in TARGETDIR location

Theoretically, you'll only need to adjust the BASE_URL to point to (since it's also an Apache HTML listing).

However, we currently don't serve uncompressed installers as it's not a very common use-case. But this can be as easy as piping the downloaded installer into a compressing utility with CLI.