Can not share folders on a webdav mount

I am running ownCloud 10.0.3 on Ubuntu 16.04.
I mounted an externa file system via webdav.
The webdav mount is defined by the administrator and my user cornelius is allowed to use this webdav mount.

But the user cornelius is not allowed to share any files or directories in the file structure of the webdav mount.

Is this the intended behaviour - since the webdav is also "only" a "share" for the user cornelius?
Is it possible to share any files on the webdav mount?

Or would the user cornelius only be able to share files on webdav, if the user mounted a webfav himself?

Thanks a lot

I think you might need to check if you have enabled the sharing on the external storage like shown on the following screenshot:

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Hi Tom,
thanks a lot - That was it! I totally oversaw the settings/options wheel.