Can owncloud automatically lock opened files?

Hello Community,

I'm new to owncloud and try to find a good file server system for a small project. The main point is, that we need the feature of automatically lock opened files on the client, so no other user can modify the file. Tis is really necessary for us to avoid file conflicts.

Is there any way to configure OC like this? Maybe with using Actice Directory (support file locking, isnt it?)?

Any other ideas of how to avoid file conflicts? At the moment we use a chat software to inform all participants that a file is opened. Not quit easy to use :wink:

Thanks for your help.

Regards, tesafilm

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The only reliable, working way is to do collaborative editing. Several people work together in one document. This can be done with Collabora, OnlyOffice or soon with MS as well.
Eventually we like to implement this in core as well: but checkin/checkout has always the challenge that users forget ...