Cancel Sharing but you don't have permissions

hello, i have a problem

i sharing a folder to “user2” without premissions for shraring and edit,

but “user2” delete the folder and a sharing is canceled!!!

owncloud 10.3.0


Hi @andreviana,
I’m sorry but I can’t reproduce your issue.

I spun up a docker environment with ownCloud 10.3.0 and created two users in there (user1 & user2).
Then I created a folder as user1, uploaded a few test files in there and shared the folder with user2 (without re-share and edit permissions).

Afterwards I logged in as user2.
Firstly, through the three dots menu, you can’t chose delete, only “Unshare”.
Secondly, when you click on the little checkbox at the bottom right of the shared folder icon, you get the option to “Delete” in the top right of the browser window. If you click that, all it does is decline the share. When you click on “Shared with you” in the left panel, you can reaccept the share and the files re-appear.
So if you end up “unsharing” the folder, it is still available for user1 if you re-login as user1.

Please advise on how to reproduce the issue.

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