Cannot access Owncloud web app on local network but can externally via Internet/router


I can access the OwnCloud web app locally on the Raspberry Pi itself and also externally through the Internet via my router (https://FQDN:7676) which is great. I’m using a non-traditional HTTPS port to obfuscate access.

However I can’t access the web app on my local network (where I use hosts file to resolve FQDN to the private IP of the Raspberry Pi). Netstat shows the connection is ESTABLISHED on both ends (networking allows access over tcp/7676 from local network) but the client never resolves the site (eventually gets connection reset).

I’m puzzled how I’m able to access externally but can’t even access on local network.

UFW rules allow access on over tcp/7676.

How should I proceed?


Maybe something around the OCC trusted domains configuration and a missing dns resolver (using hoists file)?

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