Cannot upload file larger than 1gb

Hallo to all and thanks in advance.
After read all the topic about it, i’m not able to upload via webdav and ftp files larger than 1gb.
I installed the server on linux web host on aruba web space.
Works well with files less than 1gb…
I tried to setup the php.ini at the maximum value for all setting.
htacces edited
user.ini too…
any idea? thx

Hi @daniele.z ,
Thanks for your message. You’ve posted in the server category without filling out the template.
In order for us forum users to help you effectively we need to know your configuration. And if something doesn’t work, there should also be an error message, first in the WebUI and then again in the server logs.
This helps us determine what is wrong with your configuration.

So please fill out the template, it saves time for everyone (you hopefully get your problem fixed faster because forum users can determine faster what is wrong, and they don’t have waste their time writing the same message over and over again in this forum :stuck_out_tongue: )

You can also have a look into this documentation page about ownCloud configuration for big file uploads:

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