Cannot write to "external" local drive in owncloud

This is likely me missing something, more than a bug or problem.
I added an “external” folder to owncloud, it’s local, physically on the same server as owncloud, just different drive, has over 2tb of data on it, is formatted in ext4. I can read it fine from owncloud, but cannot write to it. I added the www-data user to the folder’s owner group and vice versa but I still can’t write to that “external” local folder, I even reluctantly but temporarily changed permissions so anything or anyone can read write or execute on that folder, rebooted and owncould still can’t write to it, just read. I’ve been looking around online and found no solution other than wrongly set permissions on linux. Having it not work with no permission restrictions on ubuntu tells me I’m missing something in owncloud’s config itself or maybe in php.conf, but I could be wrong. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.

my Owncloud server is behind an nginx reverse proxy (nginx is allowed to transfer files up to 100gb but my problem persists on local network as well), Owncloud runs on an ubuntu 20.04 LAMP server.

here is the github address of my server_config.json for full info.

Not sure I’m understanding this, sorry. Please explain.

How about the mount-point? Please have a look at this post.

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Thank you for your response. I hope this will make it a little clearer.

The drive in question is mounted at /mnt/md0, /mnt/md0 and it’s contents are owned by user “gir”. User “www-data” is part of “gir” group and user “gir” is part of “www-data” group. there is only one folder in the root of that drive.

All I want to do is to be able to write in the /mnt/md0/folder/where/I/want from Owncloud web platform, that folder is currently visible and readable in owncloud. Copying over 2tb of data to a /var/www/ location is out of the question.

I’ve seen the post you linked before I asked my question, however, I can’t have the www-data user outright own the /mnt/md0/ drive at boot because of the planned future LAN shares

I hope I made it clearer thank you very much for your time.

So something like

sudo -u www-data touch /mnt/md0/folder/where/I/want/test.txt

doesn’t succeed, right?


Holy moley, I’m an idiot. Sorry I wasted your time and thank you for the help.

Permission denied. However, this gave me a huge doubt and I went to double check the ownership of the drive (not the folder), it was owned by root and not gir as I believed, fixed that plus “chmod 755 -R /mnt/md0/folder” and it works as intended now, all my sync write errors went away.

You made me think further than what was right in front of me. Thank you very much, I needed that.


I have to add that I “reversed” ownership for it to work, I made the folder owner www-data and part of the “gir” group instead of owner “gir” part of www-data group.