Can't access owncloud after reboot



I installed owncloud on a pi along with other previoustly installed software, it works fine, but if I reboot the pi I can't access owncloud anymore.

I type my pi adress and have :

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

I can ssh to my pi though.

I followed this tuto to install owncloud :

Do I have to relaunch something after reboot ?

Thank you for any help.



Moved to the Miscellaneous category as this is an environmental issue rather than an oC issue.

Wild guess: Your webserver is not running anymore or a firewall script got enabled blocking the access to the webserver.


Your webserver is not running anymore

and how to restart it ?




topics like this are linux basic knowledge. From my PoV teaching them is out of the scope of this forums.

However maybe some one else is helping here.