Cant Download 8.1 Server from owncloud site

Its showing file not found. I can download 8.0, 9.0+. Does anyone have a download link for 8.1 that I can download from?


Ok so I realized, I skipped a release. I updated to 8.0.16 successfully. Then the updater states there is an upgrade to 8.1.12. I get a download extraction error. The owncloud.log states:

Nothing is found. Something is wrong with OC_Archive.

If you go here you get a 404 error. It looks like the file is missing from the ownCloud website.

@jnweiger please fix the download server - THX

I have also the task to upgrade from a owncloud version below 7.x. Since an upgrade is only availabe to the next major release I need the version 8.1.X ASAP!! Please fix the download problem on the website.