Can't see LDAP users in the users page

Hello everybody,

I'm currently installing an Owncloud server for my company. I took the latest version 10.0.2.

I'm facing a problem with the LDAP users:
I use LDAP users and groups backend 0.9.1.
The connection to the active directory controler is ok, I can list all without any problem.
I add a filter to get only 1 active directory group

When I go to the users page, I only see the admin user of the Owncloud system.

Do you have an idea?

Thanks a lot for your help.


I'm so stupid!! the users are created after the first connection!



ah... I did not know this thing ..
I also thought that, as in the previous versions, it works if all users are seen on the users page. :confounded:

Hey - ownCloud 10 has a new 'accounts table' internally which tracks accounts that can login to the ownCloud server - helping us to improve on performance and save continually searching the LDAP server. You can pre-sync the users to your ownCloud using the occ command: occ user:sync "OCA\User_Ldap\User_Proxy" or as you have found, just wait for them to login for the first time.

This is a big disappointment for me, since I used the full LDAP listing to help plan onboarding of new users from the larger university community. I upgraded from OC 9 to 10 last week.

I would really like to have the full LDAP listing here somehow.

You can - just run the user sync to let owncloud know about all of yours users. We cannot just request the entire list on demand - this doesn't scale past ~100 users.

I've gotten used to it now.

It was working just fine loading an LDAP server of over 20,000 users.

For sure, for you - but we have instances with >200k users - it gets slow :slight_smile:

With user:sync we bring performance improvements throughout owncloud when managing users.

Fair enough.

Overall v10 is very stable, fast, and I like the streamlined UI changes.

Very happy customer here!

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