Cant upload files over 10mb

cant upload files higher than 10mb
i changed php config file both max upload size and post max size
also changed ownclouds .htaccess but still not able to upload
i also have no firewalls


maybe you could use the issue template which i’m getting presented when creating a new thread in this “Server” category?

I think others are probably better able to help you if you provide more information about your environment (e.g. operating system, database, database version, specific database configuration). Those are all questions asked in that template which i think are asked for a good reason.

At the moment nearly everything is missing (e.g. possible entries from log files which could be really useful and could show you some hints on the issue), even the ownCloud version you are using (e.g. an outdated ownCloud version could cause this problem). :frowning_face:


Check your available disk space for your data folder and tmp folders

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