Change “Email From” Name from Email Notifications


I dont know where to post this question. Im new in Owncloud and although i followed the installation very well from lots of different websites. There is one problem that i can’t find any answers.

So base on this Subject title. I want to know where i can change the Email Name (email name of admin) from email notifications. Right now email notification name is “Owncloud (”.

Im using latest version of owncloud.


Hey @clay005,

As an administrator, go into the settings in the top right and then it’s in the ‘General’ section.

nothing in there.
Its email configuration, which i already done. and its working. But whenever i received Notifications the sender name is Owncloud… Is there any way to change it?

Whats on the email configuration is
Send Mode
From Address
Authentication Method
Server Address


Just clarifying so everybody knows what’s up, you want to change the display name in the from header of the email.

Not sure if and how this would be possible, hopefully I’ll find some time later to have a look into it, or somebody else knows it already.

Though there are instructions over the world wide web i think its for the old version of OC.

IIRC you have to create a custom theme and change some of the default settings.
It is not required to create a complete theme, simply create the defaults.php file and adapt it to your needs.

The documentation about theming can be found at, the section handles your question.

I do not know the actual settings by heart, but sure you will find out in a short time.

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