Change File Ownsership

We would like to implement ownCloud for our employees to share and collaborate and we will be using LDAP for login.

I have a query regarding file ownership. If a employee leaves the organization, how can we transfer the ownership of the file to his/her manager or peer. (This has to be done by some administrators and not by employee). Could someone assist on this ?

The occ command line tool has a command to transfer files to another account:

Thank you Tom, do we have any option from UI so that non technical staff can change it easily, as our employee strength is 2500+ and ownCloud administration (user management) will be handed over to some support team.

I'm not aware of such a possibility.

occ is a command line tool, therefor you can build scripts or use Rest APIs to perform such actions. Honestly owner changes should not be too frequent otherwise you might need some other tooling. We would need to understand more about your overral requirements and I would recommend a sales conversation.