Change local sync folder


I am using Windows 10 and the desktop client. During the installation it created an "ownCloud" folder in c:\myuser\ownCloud for sync. Now the folder is getting too large for my internal HDD and I would like to out source it to an external USB drive. How can I change the local target folder for synchronization the easiest way?

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the easiest way would be to remove the account from the desktop client and add it again, then you can choose another folder, on your external drive.

Hey Roman! For @dmitry's solution see this excerpt from our FAQ:

There's a workaround though, to get it working without explicitly removing the local sync folder from the client. You'll need to edit your owncloud.cfg config file to replace the paths of the folders.

In this central post: I explained how it's done for a different variable (server URL) - In your case you'll need to switch the old folder location in 0\Folders\1\localPath= for the <new-location>.

This has been quite very requested feature and it's very likely to be implemented in next (2.5) client version - If you have a GitHub account and want to show your support for it don't forget to upvote in:

Hope this helps!