Change server without re-downloading everything

Is it possible to change one's account server, but keep all data? That is, if I change the server address, can clients simply connect to the same accounts on the new address, instead of deleting the account and creating a new one?

I'm working on version 2.3.2 of the Linux client, connecting to server version 9.1.6.

Hey @yoniy0!

In theory yes, if all the metadata on the account is preserved (i.e. ETags and FileIDs), you can just simply switch to your <new-domain> on the 0\url=https://<old-domain> entry on your owncloud.cfg file.

Hope it helps!

Thank you!

It mostly seems to work. One bizarre thing is that the selection of which folders to sync resets (but without deleting data on harddrive), so that after reselecting those that I wanted to sync (some were deselected by default because they exceed 10GB) and those I didn't, it verified the contents of my folders. Since they were previously updated, it didn't take long.

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@ogoffart just mentioned maybe it lost the selective sync because we changed the database name to include a hash(servername) in the file name.

But I don't know if that would trigger also when changing it in .cfg (because the .cfg should already have an entry for the db filename).

I tried it on a second machine, and this time it retained its selective sync. Hmm, I'll try on another, and see if I can establish a pattern.