Change sync way


how to change sync way from computer-server to server-computer?


the sync direction of the sync client is always bi-directional (server <-> client). This is the default behavior of the sync client which is also not changeable.

You can check for a different sync solution which either push or pulls from a remote webdav storage. For a server to client sync you can do a little workaround: create a user just to sync files to the client, then share from your principal user the files you want to sync read-only.

But, now when I putting in data to thre server, sunc doesnt work to client. Another way (client-server) work properly...

When you put "data in the server" do you mean an operation on the file system?
If you do things outside of ownCloud you need to run a file scan ...

No - I mean insert data through browser or user login.

As you havn't provided any information about your environment, possible logentries of your logfiles etc. (this stuff is asked in the issue template shown when creating a new thread) its impossible to help here.

How I can do that? I use instaled owncloud on Qnap server... :slight_smile:


you shouldn't run ownCloud on a QNAP device as this devices are providing such ancient version of system libraries that they are now causing the issue you're currently facing. There is nothing what can be done here from ownCloud side. See the thread in [1] for a few background info.