Client sync delay with new file



I have a problem when a user creates a new file... this is the scenary:
A user creates a new file in the network path:

If I access from web service I can see the new file, and if I close the client aplication (3.2.3) and reopen, the client syncronize without problems... but if he doesnt close it the client aplication, can be delayed about 48 hours ¡!... some idea?


Regards, Andres.


do you use reddis?

If not, we highly recommend it, as it increase your servers performance


How is the new file created, via web-interface or oc-client? Check your logfiles for errors, this helps if there is a real problem.


No, I don't use reddis... we owncloud server is installed in qnas machine.



The new file is created from network connection as similar as \server\html_public\owncloud\data\user\file\folderexample\

its strange because if I close the client aplication and reopen, then its work fine! :confused:

Regards, Andres.


You have to create the file via the web interface, or use windows network drive, or buy owncloud enterprise


Hello, I create the file from windows network driver (z: -> \server\html_public\owncloud\data\user\file\folderexample )

On the other hand, the client doesn't sync folder of another user (folder share).

I don't kwon...


Regards, Andres.


Hi Andres.

I will explain how owCloud works with the storage (local storage only)

if a file is uploaded over ownCloud (In any methods: web UI, clients) and will be added in the oc_filecache table.

The oc_filecache is not a cache is the ownCloud File-system.

If you upload a file directly on your NAS (in your case QNAP) the file is uploaded but not updated in the oc_file cache.

Normally you should not modify the information directly in the main ownCloud storage. and if you do, you have to modify in your config.php this:

You can see the file in the browser because when you navigate to the folder the WebUI update the oc_filecache and you can find it.

In case of the sync-client he is not able to ask every folder if there are any changes in all the folders on the server, so, the client has to trust the server.

A way to force the server if you have not seen the folder in the client is running :

occ files:scan [user]

To learn how to optimize you can add --path: … But you can see the whole commands here:


This is a great explanaition of what happends, thank you cdamken .

And just to get this confirmed , you would have to run that command on the owncloud server everytime there is a change on the network share, in order to have the client show the updated files?

Cheers !


Yes. You can run it periodically, it depends on the performance of your system how often you want to run it. NFS does not have a way to do notfications. SMB via Windows Network Drive does. We have implemented this for customers, you can test it out via