Collabora stopped opening files

Hey guys, i recently installed collabora online editor on my owncloud (10.4.1., Ubuntu 18.04) and everything went just fine. But after some time, collabora stopped opening all documents. Only solution that i found is reload the apache service. Please, is here anyone who knows, what might caused it? Thx. M.

Hi @MH_91,
If you don’t fill out the template, presented to you when opening a server topic in this forum, nobody here will be able to give you any meaningful help. There are so many ways to setup ownCloud and Collabora, we need to know how you set up yours in order to give you recommendations.

A solid start is always to have a look in the different system, process and error logs:

  • Check system log for oom message (perhaps you ran out of memory and the process was killed)
  • Check apache and collabora log files for errors around the time it stopped working.
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