Coming from 9.1.1-1.2 upgrade to 10.0.3-1.1 version?

Hi Friends,
I'm using OC 9.1.1-1.2 on Debian Jessie VPS,
I've seen by apt list --upgradable that the upgrade version seems OC 10.0.3-1.1.
Is this correct? And do you suggest me anything before upgrade? Actually I'm using OC for cloud files and DAVdroid CalDAV/CardDAV services.

Many thanks!

I would update to 9.1.6 first and then upgrade to 10.0.3. Maybe you can also wait for the upcoming 9.1.7 and 10.0.4 and use that versions to avoid doing another update/upgrade in the next few weeks.

Hi Tom42 and thanks for your reply!
The situation on my VPS seem a little bit different.

Owncloud seems not upgradable:

apt-cache policy owncloud
  Installato: 9.1.1-1.2
  Candidato:  9.1.1-1.2
  Tabella versione:
 *** 9.1.1-1.2 0
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
     7.0.4+dfsg-4~deb8u3 0
        500 jessie/updates/main amd64 Packages

Otherwise, owncloud-files seems upgradable:

apt-cache policy owncloud-files
  Installato: 9.1.1-1.2
  Candidato:  10.0.3-1.1
  Tabella versione:
     10.0.3-1.1 0
        500  Packages
 *** 9.1.1-1.2 0
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

Besides I can not choose owncloud-files versions :frowning:

a little bit complicated, maybe it's better if I look at the Owncloud 10.0.3-1.1 version :wink:

Many thanks

You probably need to replace this repo:

by this repo:

to get 9.1.6. Afterwards you can change the repo back to "stable" an use the owncloud-files package (From what i have read somewhere in here there is no "owncloud" package anymore for 10.0

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Thanks tom42!
But it's a little bit complicated!
Why is not possible (or not preferable) upgrade the stable release with another stable release?
What could be happens?

Thanks again, excuse me for all these questions, only for understand better :slight_smile:

I just had read the documentation on upgrading before doing my own upgrade and they are recommending to not skip any minor releases. There is probably a reason for this recommendation in the documentation and so i followed that suggestion.

Hi tom, and excuse my delay :sweat:

Only a last question: you have follow the same way, with no any problems?
Excuse me for so many questions, but more than one user now is using my owncloud services..:boom:

Many thanks again!

In my case i'm not using the repositories and keep my installation up2date so i havn't followed this way.