Completely lost!


I installed owncloud on my domain through cpanel. I am using Bodhi linux and I have installed the desktop application. When I launch it I enter the address of my server but It will not connect. Cannot connect using Pcfilemanager either.

Help would be appreciated.



Maybe you could give some more details on your issue? I think that could help people to understand what problems you're facing.


  • I installed own loud on my domain through installer on my cpanel.
  • I entered an administrator name and password
  • I managed to get into my own loud by pasting the admin URL into my browser.
  • I managed to upload and download files BUT not folders.
  • I installed the own loud desktop application for my Linux distro from synaptic
  • I entered my owncloud https: into the application with the admin name and password .
  • The application gave error message and will not log onto my cloud

  • I also tried logging in using my file manager and the URL for webdav and it did not work nor with the https

That's about it.