Config switch to decide in which mode OC goes after a successful occ upgrade



When updating using packages, there are many different possible expectations:

1) Some admins expect ownCloud to go back to normal mode directly (unattended update)
2) Some admins expect ownCloud to stay in maintenance mode (current behavior)
3) Some admins might want to be able to review changes without users being able to log in or sync: single user mode

How about adding a config.php switch for admins to decide how ownCloud behaves after a successful "occ upgrade" ran ?

The config switch could be called something like "mode_after_update" with values like "normal", "maintenance" or "singleuser".

This also has the advantage of not requiring any changes or configurability inside the post-install scripts of packages.

What do you think ?

@RealRancor @jnweiger @DeepDiver1975


Single user mode can also be used to reenable third party apps after an upgrade. (the reason why they get disabled in the first place is another topic to be discussed separately)


Current situation: admins update and they are either happy or unhappy with the default behavior. They have to find out what to do (switch maintenance mode off, enable single-user-mode). And they have to remember it for the next update.

New situation: start is the same, but once they know the different settings, they can set their preferred one.

Question: Is it possible to avoid that they run into an unwanted mode for the first time? Perhaps query the user during upgrade (what about the updater app)?


Not sure. Maybe the default mode could at least be different depending on the channel and/or whether they are using the updater app or distro packages.


I think the behavior should be kept. People in the past complained and were whining about the old behavior, now people do the same with the new behavior.

The only drawback of the new behavior is that people can't run automatic package upgrades, but honestly:

Thats really nothing what people should do, especially as they are very likely don't do any backups before the automatic upgrade.