Configure Oauth2 with Google

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I have a few doubts with using Oauth2 in OwnCloud. I have successfully download the Oauth2 github repo inside the apps folder, activated the Oauth2 app in my OC installation, registered the new client on the admin settings and I’m following this documentation OAuth2 :: ownCloud Documentation

Reading the documentation (which I have read completely) I’m at the Endpoints section with no clue on what to do next.

am I supposed to add the code in order to add the Google Sign In button? What am I supposed to do with the endpoints inside the project?

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Your app has to invoke those endpoints to authorize, request a token and later on refresh the token.

Hello @alfredb

One question… Do I need to add the code to my OwnCloud installation login page?

I mean, I need to add the Google Login button on the login page and all its functions in order to user Google as IdP?

I didn’t realize the button thing, sorry. If you want a login to ownCloud with Google (Button), the OpenID Connect app is the tool for you. IFAIK, OAuth2 is for connecting clients and 3rd party apps. But of course, I might be wrong.

Thanks, @alfredb

I was supposing so, but i wasn’t very sure on that.

Nevertheless, I’m very thankful for your assistance.

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