Configuring OC9

Ok, I am a very new user to any kind of Linux systems, I have installed fedora and amahi as a home server. I have installed owncloud9 but when I try to access it, I get the message that I am accessing the server from an untrusted domain, and need to configure the trusted domains. After several hours trying to figure out how to do this, trying to find the file, I am about to give up on it. Where do I find the file I need to edit? I should also mention that I do not really know how to get into an editor from terminal.

I have installed OC8 and can access it. But deleted it to get OC9.


the file is called "config.php" and can be found in the directory you have installed ownCloud. There you can find a part trusted_domains.

Teaching how to find this file, how to use editors and how to edit this file on terminal is out of the scope of this forums. Running software like ownCloud requires that the admin has at least a few basic knowledge about linux.

I installed it form Amahi I went to my HDA then to the apps to install it. When I access the HDA there is a directory for owncloud9 in that directory this is a folder called data. in the data folder there is .httaccess, .ocdata and owncould.log. I can not find the config file anywhere. If I can configure this file from my client pc then I would not have any issues editing it. To me it seems like if yuou don't know how to use Linux then you don't need to even bother trying to learn it. I just need to know how to get to this file.I tried to ask on the amahi fourms but they sent me here.

You can use common linux commands like:

  • find
  • locate

to search on your system for this config.php. We can't tell you where this file is located on your system.

Thank you, that actually helped. I have now been able to locate the file. Now just to figure out how to edit it.