Could create new external storage with command line?

I use owncloud 9.1.3 on debian 7.
I know can enable external storage with command line.
But if I want setup new external storage use command line.
Could it support?

And I have another question.
Could I set user can upload file but can't delete file?
Thanks a lot.

occ app:enable files_external then see for setting up storages.

To prevent deletion you could set up your ownCloud this way: "user1" shares a folder "uploads" with "user2" with all permissions except "can delete". Then "user2" can upload into the received "uploads" folder but not delete them.
Also you might want to set the quota of "user2" to 0 to prevent them uploading outside the "uploads" folder.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply.
I have create new upload folders.But I don't know where to setup this folder permission.
Could I set this upload folder permission?